Mycotoxin Binders


TOXSTOP" is a powerful irreversible binder of mycotoxins in mould contaminated

animal feed raw materials. Toxstop also works as mould inhibitor to prevent further mycotoxin formation.

All mycotoxins including aflatoxin affecting feed ingredients are of concern to livestock industry world over. Mycotoxins not only affect the feed conversion ratio and feed intake but they also damage the immune system which makes the birds susceptible to diseases. Mycotoxin is the metabolites produced by moulds. The practice world over is to use a toxin binder that also inhibits the growth of the mould.



  • ΤΟΧSΤΟΡ contains ammonium Propionate, formic acid, propionic acids
  • and sorbic acid activated mineral clay.


  Direction of use

  • Use only as directed.

  Key Benefits

  • Irreversible binding of mycotoxins including aflatoxin.
  • Also acts as a mould inhibitor which eliminates spores and vegetative cells throughout the treated feed, thus preventing future mycotoxin formation.
  • Protects against moulds yeasts and negative consequences of moisture migration.