BACSTOP' is a controlled release gut acidifier that aids in promoting a healthy gastro intestinal tract in poultry.

Studies worldwide reveal that a healthy gastrointestinal tract is critical to an immune system and general health and performance of monogastric livestock. The primary objectives of an acidifier are to control the growth of gram-negative pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli and to promote the growth of beneficial microflora. In doing so there will be better absorption of nutrients in the gut of the animal and a barrier for protection against infection. Bacstop is a blend of carefully selected organic acids and essential oils. It has been formulated to be effective at the target site which is the gastrointestinal tract of the animal where the bulk of the bacterial population is found. Essential oils used further improve bird performance and health.



  • BACSTOP" contains ammonium formate, ammonium propionate, sodium butyrate, lactic acid and essential oil.


  Direction of use

  • Use only as directed. To ensure through distribution first, permit with about 5kg. Of final mix.

  Key Benefits

  • Improves bird performance
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria by eliminating gram-negative pathogens and so reducing the risk of enteric diseases.
  • Stable slow release formulation.
  • Promotes growth of williand thus increases the surface area of the intestine available to absorb nutrients.
  • Survives the passage through the gut reducing risk of salmonella horizontal transmission throughout flocks.
  • Helps protect the feed from microbial contamination.

Hydro (H)


Water plays an important role in poultry production. It facilitates digestion, regulates body temperature and aids the elimination of waste. Given that under normal conditions, birds consume twice as much water as feed, quality of water becomes critical.

Water pH is an important parameter in measuring water quality and has therefore been studied extensively. The research concludes that an acidic pH is required to aid digestion. Alkaline water results in creating an unfavorable environment which not only inhibits digestion and the absorption of nutrients but also results in the proliferation of pathogens. Acidification of water to optimize sanitizer efficacy is a common practice in poultry production. Research reveals that water pH between 6 and 7 facilitates sanitizer activity and will result in quality drinking water. Control 1 ml Hydro [H] /10 liters of water



Ammonium propionate, Propionic acid and Formic acid.

Inclusion rates per 100 litres of water – e 20 ml if initial pH is between 8–8.5

  • 15 ml if initial pH is between 7.5–8
  • 10 ml if initial pH is between 7-7.5