Poultry Supplements


When one tugs at a single string in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world – This proverb by John Muir explains in a nutshell how the various intricacies of nature are interrelated. Since times immemorial man has been drawing from Mother Nature to satisfy all his needs, without having to repay her kindness. This incessant activity has left its impact on nature.

Poultry supplements

Pranav Bitek Private limited is a joint venture between Bitek Feed Science South Africa and Pranav Agro industries, India. The joint venture with its registered office in Pune was incorporated in 2007 bringing together two companies that have been associated with the livestock industry for many years and share a common vision ; one driven by innovation.

For close to a decade now, Pranav Bitek has been a valued, dependable partner to the animal feed industry. As one of the leaders in the production and technology of non-nutritional animal feed additives. Pranav Bitek offers a wide range of research-proven products backed by a dependable team of technical and customer service representatives. The Pranav Bitek range of products are a reflection of our philosophy of Responsible innovation for a better world and is keeping in line with our commitment to Partnering in profit.


Krishna Valley Agrotech realizes the importance of conservation and constant redevelopment of alternative resources thus lessening the load on nature.

Welcome to the Biotech division of the Krishna Valley Agrotech. A place where research turns knowledge into reality. This division has been instrumental in developing not only the chief ingredients for our path-breaking agro products but also for developing individual products that are domestic and global best sellers.

KVAT is a pioneer in the development of the second generation of biological pesticides and has become one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides. We specialize in:

  • Biological product development, from screening to formulation to field development
  • Manufacturing: fermentation and formulation
  • Organically certified products
  • Global sales channels. We export to more than 10 countries.