Laboratory Animal Feed

AMRUT is a Sanskrit word that means nectar of life.

Years of experience have taught us to understand the needs and nutrition requirement of Laboratory Animal Feed. Bearing in mind the concept of Amrut, utmost care is taken to ensure that no kind of animal based products/protien are ever used in any of our animal feed.

KVAT takes pride in developing Soya based animal feed. The unique combination of ancient Indian sciences like Ayurveda and European sciences like homoeopathy into modern scientific methods allows us to create these specialized products.

Our brand "Amrut" lab animal feed is well established and recognized brand Pan india. For Over 25 years, this brand caters to the renowned Biotechnology companies as well as the governmental research organizations.with a wide distrubtion network and warehouses in north south, east and west of India, we provide complete feeds for all types rodents, rabbits and other small animals.


RF technology for lab animal feed


We take pride in being the only company in India that provides RF (radio frequency) treated feed to our customers. With this being our USP, we provide sanitized feed at plant level. This technology keeps moisture levels in control and kills bacteria in feed which are treatable below 100 degree Celsius.