Mould Inhibitors


MYCOBAN is a controlled release dry mould inhibitor for the protection against mould and yeasts in animal feed and ingredients.

Mould growth in a feed is due to the factors such as climatic condition, relative humidity storage conditions and moisture in feed ingredients. The nutritional value of feed and feed ingredients along with palatability is affected by mould. The proliferation of mould in feed also triggers the production of different mycotoxins which affects poultry health adversely.



  • MYCOBAN contains Ammonium Propionate, Formic acid, Propionic acid, and Sorbic acid.
  • Available in powder and liquid form.


  Direction of use

  • Use only as directed. To ensure through distribution first premix with about 5 kg of the final mix.

  Key Benefits

  • Slow release formulation which provides persistent long time sequential release of active ingredients.
  • Contains volatile component to ensure rapid and effective kill of spores and vegetative cells throughout treated feed.
  • Protects against both mould and yeasts.
  • Sorbic acid protects against negative consequences of moisture migration.